The 4 e's

The History of 4eProductions

Once upon a time there were two inseparable friends who did everything together. They went to the same school, played the same sports, listened to the same music. As they got older, they created businesses that would allow them to work together. There was a landscaping business that ended up 6-feet under, a driveway paving business called "Save the Sealers" that should have been harpooned and a few other ventures like painting houses, selling real-estate, and manufacturing holiday blinds. All started out with great promise, although none of them panned out....because they didn't fulfill any particular purpose. So, the two friends went in separate directions to find their way. One went back to school to get a Master's Degree and become a teacher. The other went to broadcasting school on his way to the entertainment business. Both found a path and achieved great success in their respective fields.

Then in January of 2007, shortly after his 43rd birthday, the teacher called his lifelong buddy, the producer, and said, "I have a great idea." "No more ideas," the friend responded, "we've had hundreds of great ideas over the last 30 years..." The teacher persisted, "but this is a really good one..." "Okay, go ahead," said his friend begrudgingly.

"There is a void of character education in the schools today." said the teacher. "Kids make poor choices and what's worse is that they don't even know they have choices. I see it everyday. I want to teach values and healthy life choices and I want to reach more than 25 kids a year." "So, what's the great idea?"

"I want you to help me create a television program called Character Ed that teaches Character Education through issues that revolve around a character named Ed... After 10 seconds of silence, the producer responded, "You nut, you finally did it. You finally found something that incorporates our life experiences, our professional experience, our talents, skills and desires, plus addresses our legacies as parents. You've discovered our purpose!"

So, the two friends began constructing a plan that merged education with entertainment with the intention of building character and teaching values and healthy life choices to its audience. In October of 2007, 4eProductions, LLC was officially born.