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A magazine for tweens created by tweens. Kids share their stories, art, designs, poems, photos, illustrations and their experiences with the only requirements being that they are original works with a positive message about life, values and character. The magazine features several categories that play with the "B" theme and celebrate children in general and their many extraordinary creations and achievements. The publication is available for viewing and printing online at


  • Articles are written by tweens with supervision and oversight by educational advisors
  • Topics and features include: cartoons, activities, games and articles about food, entertainment, culture and customs of various countries, travel, hobbies, sports, inventions, fashion, money management, music and book reviews.
  • Articles focus on issues and life experiences faced by this age group
  • Currently available to schools, public libraries and pediatric medical and dental offices
  • Will become a scholastic program engaging students in magazine-related activities


  • Offers a platform for children's voices to show other's they have choices
  • Gives tweens an outlet to express themselves
  • Opportunity to learn from peer experiences
  • Develop skills they can use in school and life
  • Results of polls reveal what tweens want